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in the Heart of Duntroon

Nearby Attractions

There is a lot to see and do in and around Duntroon. If you set aside as much time as you can, you won't be disappointed. Below is a list of some the attractions on offer. Many of these are unique to Duntroon.

 Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail
This stunning 310 km Cycle Trail runs from the mountains to the sea. The Cycle Trail runs right through Duntroon, which now forms an integral part of the Trail, with many cyclist visible during the season. Cyclists take between 4 to 8 days to complete it, but you can get a taste of it by walking or cycling in either direction from Duntroon. If you like what you see and decide you want more information on the Cycle Trail, visit www.alps2ocean.com

Vanished World

You should not miss a visit to Vanished World in Duntroon. For more information, visit www.vanishedworld.co.nz

Elephant Rocks & Maori Rock Art
These two attractions have helped put Duntroon on the map. The Takiroa Rock Art Site is 3.5kms to the north-west of Duntroon and the Elephant Rocks are 6.3kms south-west of Duntroon. Both can be easily accessed by car from Duntroon, or you can take the Cycle Trail to them from Duntroon.

Fossil Trail
You can purchase the informative trail brochure from Vanished World and head off on your own self-guided tour which takes in over 20 locations. Some of these are near Fossil World, others are further afield in the Waitaki Valley, as well as Moeraki and Oamaru. Its a great way to learn about the geology of the area. For more information on the Fossil Trail, visit vanishedworld.co.nz/the-vanished-world-trail

Nicol’s Blacksmith Shop
Where else in New Zealand can you see a working blacksmiths shop? For more details on their hours and workshops, visit www.blacksmith.net.nz

Brewery Hole
Located behind Nicol’s Blacksmith, this has a fascinating history and is definitely well worth a visit. For more information, visit 


Duntroon Gaol
This was established in 1910 and has been restored, complete with public stocks.

The Chemist Shop
This historic building is presently being restored to its former glory by the Duntroon community and once completed, it will help to tell the wonderful story of days gone by.

The Duntroon Wetlands
This wonderful area has been created by hard-working locals. It is a beautiful short walk which starts and finishes in the heart of Duntroon. It also forms part of the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail. It is the perfect place to stretch your legs. For more information, visit  www.duntroon.co.nz/duntroon-wetlands

Duntroon Domain

Those of you with tents, campers or caravans really should seriously consider staying a night or two in the domain and taking a bit longer to indulge yourself in our sights and history. For more information on the Duntroon Domain, visit www.duntroon.co.nz/accommodation.

Tokarahi Golf Club
This beautiful 9 hole golf course is located 11kms from Duntroon, in the Maerewhenua Valley. To check out green fees etc, visit www.aorangigolf.org.nz/clubs/tokarahi-golf-club
Dansey’s Pass Lavendar
This is located 27 kms from Duntroon and is well worth a visit. For more details, visit www.danseyspasslavender.co.nz

Waitaki Hydro Scheme

Whether you are planning a day trip from Oamaru, are passing through the area, or want to know more about the hydro scheme you are cycling through, its worth visiting Meridian's website to learn more about the area's hydro scheme. The link is https://www.meridianenergy.co.nz/who-we-are/our-power-stations/hydro/about-the-waitaki-hydro-scheme